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Workshop of Vladimir Milutin
-  woodcarving, industrial design, décor. Decorating and furnishing restaurants, cafés, saunas, bathhouses and gardens. Playgrounds for children. Presents, souvenirs, trophy's and more.

Nowadays personal website in global network became so popular, that you could not even imagine that a company or just a person do not own one. Being a creative an sometimes public person, I have decided to create my own web page, so you can get acquainted with me, with my workshop and of course with my works. And now you can see that it has happened!We have tried to make this web page not only useful and informative but also with elegant, simple and individual design. I hope that we made it just like it was planned!

At the beginning all sections of the website will be updated with interesting news, events and developments. . We will try to do our best - to keep you informed and not get bored while you are with us. In the press бsection you will find several publications, articles and some interesting facts about our work and life in the studio. I also will share with my own thoughts and ideas with you, as well as with my future projects and plans in the Masters Philosophy section - lets call it with such popular Web word – blog. And of course in the main section you will find the matter of our life and leisure – our projects and works.

Best regards, V.A. Milutin.

P.S If you have any questions, enquiries or wishes you can always write us an e-mail or just fill in the special form in the Contacts section.


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